Bobbins In-Stock!

The Bobbin Birdie is one of our shop favorites. These stylish city bikes feature a fully lugged steel frame, integrated fenders and rack, 3 speed Sturmey-Archer hub and are available in a range beautiful colors.

Currently we have them available for $650 in matte red in 17″, 19″ and 21″ frame sizes and matte powder blue in a 19″ frame size.

photo(1)Check out Lovely Bicycles review of the Bobbin Birdie at and then come on by for a test ride!


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We need a wrench!

service sign

We have expeanded our service department and are seeking a skilled bicycle mechanic. We service everything from older internally geared roadsters to current road machines.

service pan 1

Minimum 2 years full-time experience and weekend availability required. If you have a field of specialty, let us know. Skilled wheel building and/or suspension experience not required, but would be considered a plus.

We offer a competitive hourly rate plus benefits.

Interested? Send resume, reference, and contact info via email to schedule an interview.

No walk-ins.

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Expansion Sale

We are nearing the end of the work on our renovation/expansion. Our retail space has been enlarged by about a third (though it really feels much larger than that).   The service area still has to be enlarged and then displays and restocking are the final step.

Shop Pan 2Prices for many of the remaining items on our Expansion Sale page have been drastically reduced.

Stop in and have a look!

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Harris Cyclery is hiring!


We are expanding our retail space and seek an experienced retail sales person.  The ideal candidate is motivated, experienced with higher end bikes and bike fit, and is a rider.

Minimum 2 years full-time retail experience and weekend availability required.  Merchandising experience is a plus.

We offer a competitive hourly rate plus benefits.

Interested?  Send resume, reference, and contact info via email to schedule an interview.

No walk-ins, please.

plastic zipper

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Good News: Price Reductions on Grand Bois Tires!


GB Cerf Blue_crop

The value of the U.S. dollar against the yen has been rising lately, which makes many products from Japan more affordable for the American market.  As the result of our cost of the full line of Grand Bois tires dropping, we are passing the savings on to you.

In addition, we are adding more models of the wonderful Extra Leger to our offerings.  The Extra Leger tires use a lighter, more supple casing generally reserved for top-of-the-line racing tires.  The tread is the same thickness as the standard models, which results in a tire that is lighter, faster and more comfortable with a tread wear cycle the same as the original version.

Our full line of Grand Bois tires is here.

And there’s no bad news!

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24/7 Battery Lights

Lighting technology continues changing rapidly.  In the last couple of years, we’ve seen LED headlights become the norm, with halogen bulbs relegated to only the least expensive offerings.  LED’s offer far superior performance, and are well worth the modest additional investment.  The best lights are those coming from Germany, where lighting requirements and standards are set by the German government.  For unracing bikes ( a nod to Grant Petersen here) these regulations make all kinds of sense.  After all, why shouldn’t a bike used for transportation, touring, or recreation not be as safe as possible for not only the rider, but for the drivers and pedestrians they encounter in their travels?

For uses other than MTB night riding where overhead illumination is important, the head light beam should be asymmetrical, like a car’s low beam.  The best lights focus the beam on the road where it is needed.  Not glaring into the eyes of oncoming pedestrians, drivers, or other riders, not to mention the trees and sky.


The battery powered lights we prefer have USB rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  These are the same kind found in today’s phones and lap-tops.  They are light and long lasting. The brightest of them all is the new Supernova Airstream II (pictured above).  The Original Airstream runs a very close second and is on a deeply discounted closeout sale.  The beam these throw is at least two car lanes wide and extremely smooth.  Both can be found here.


Busch + Müller’s IXON Core uses their IQ2 technology and throws a beam focused like that of the Supernova Airstream (though somewhat less bright and broad) for a lot less cost.  Burn time is from 3 – 15 hours, depending upon how the two power settings are used.  It is a great value alone or paired with their IXXI tail light (also USB rechargeable).  Both are listed here.

All of these lights are far superior to those available 3 or 4 short years ago.  They are bright enough to be effective at any speed with sufficient burn time to get through many hours on the bike without recharging.  And they have charge level indicators to show much power you’ve got left.

On their lowest power setting, they are effective daytime running lights with an extraordinarily long run time (24hrs for the Supernova, 15hrs for the Core).

This is how I run them, ’cause there’s no future in stealth biking!

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Changes afoot at Harris. . .

internet room emptyingWe’re clearing out the Harris Cyclery Internet Department headquarters to make room for more retail space.   New internet headquarters are being established as we (figuratively) speak.  Not to worry, there will be no distruption of internet service.  We’ll just be providing it from different digs.

Stay tuned. . .

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New Brompton Bits

Brompton handle 2No component or specification changes for Brompton bikes are slated for the 2014 model year. Some prices are up, and some are down. For example, the basic bike build is up from $1193 to $1219 (+$26). But the upcharge of $27 for increased or reduced gearing, has been eliminated, for a net savings of $1 for bikes with non-standard gearing. So, all in all, things haven’t really changed too much. So little, in fact, that the printed catalog for 2013 is being used for 2014 as well.

Brompton colored gripsNew accessory offerings in 2014 is the news. The new tool kits are due any day now.  In stock are new colored grips and colored saddles are available on special order in red, blue, white, lime green, or yellow to match the grips.

Brompton handle 8The most exciting accessory is the “Off Yer Bike” handle! With it, the Brompton is perfectly balanced whether folded or not.  With the grip, carrying the bike is easier and more comfortable than carrying it by the nose of the saddle or the (potentially messy) main frame tube.

Brompton handle 9The handles are available in black, red, green and blue for all you handle/grip/saddle matchers out there!



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Schmidt Edelux II lights are in stock.

Our first shipment of the new Schmidt Edelux II lights arrived this week.

edelux II 1

The new Edelux II “raises the beam” (pun intended) for dynamo headlights. The beam is wider, more even, and no longer is there a dark near field area (directly in front of the bike).

The beam is asymmetric (like an automotive low beam) and concentrates the light on the road where it is needed most. Glare for oncoming riders and drivers is reduced.  For added safety, a stand light glows for several minutes when the rider stops.

The Edelux II has a three position switch (on/senso/off).  In senso mode it will automatically come on in low light (like a tunnel or deep shadows) for safety. The glass lens has a non-glare coating for maximum efficiency and durability.  The housing is completely sealed against moisture.

You can order or get more information here.  Check ‘em out!

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Busch + Müller Luxos Lights in stock.

Earlier this year Busch + Müller introduced two new lights called “Luxos” using their new IQ2 optical system.  The IQ2 optical system focuses more usable light on the road in a beam pattern that is brighter, broader, and smoother than any light they have offered before.   Early response was far greater than the number of units they were able to supply and and the “U” model has been out of stock until yesterday.

The Luxos B is the less expensive of the two.  It is rated at 70 Lux.


The Luxos “U” is the most advanced light B+M has ever offered.  In addition to a higher output of 90 Lux, it has a handlebar mounted switch with a USB charge port, and a new automated beam brightness function. To quote the importer:

“The Luxos U has a handlebar mounted switch incorporating a USB outlet for charging USB devices. It also has a cache battery for those devices that might switch off if the dynamo’s voltage drops, like when standing at a stop light And, the Luxos U’s beam automatically changes with the rider’s speed, always producing the optimal beam pattern for that speed. The Luxos U is far and away the most advanced bicycle headlight available.”
Luxos U with switch

Luxos U with switch

Lighting technology has made great advances since the introduction of LED’s and these lights are another major leap forward.  The ability of the Luxos “U” to throw a beam that is appropriate for either screaming descents or casual meanders by varying the output of the main beam along with the daylight LED’s is unprecedented.  At high speed, the main beam is in full use for maximum light at a distance.  At lower speeds, the main LED gradually dims and more power is used in the near field where is needed most.  Very cool indeed.


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