Brompton Rental Blowout

Each year, we sell off our rental bike fleet when the new one is ready to go.  Now is a great time to get a deal on a Brompton!

The rental bikes are used, but in fine serviceable condition. All have been checked over, tuned up and brought up to spec.  Most will have some normal wear to the finish, but that’s about it.

M6L_15458This 2014 M6L is the next one to go.  It’s a British racing green bike with 6 speeds, M handlebars, and the Shimano dynamo lighting kit.  An extended seat post and firm suspension complete the build,  and either can be easily changed.

For pricing or more information you can stop by the store, email Elton or call me at 617-244-1040.

– Elton





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Great Gift Idea #3

Harris Cyclery Gift Certificates

When you’re not quite sure what might be perfect for that special riding someone, click here.

We can deliver gift certificates by snail mail or email, so it’s never too late!

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Great Gift Idea #2

Shopdawg Golly says. . .

Shopdawg Golly says. . .

For all the folks out there asking, “What can I get my favorite rider?”, we have another fine suggestion:

What about a Harris Cyclery cap?

Walz cap blue


We’ve just received a shipment of caps in various colors and fabrics, all with the distinctive Harris phoenix logo embroidered in contrasting color.  Nice!

These stylish noggin warmers are sure to warm the heart cockles of  even the hardest to please riders in your universe.

Walz cap pink


They are available for in-store purchase only.  Stop in and check them out!


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Good advice.

Seen today at a local TJ Maxx.

TJX bike


Thanks for supporting your local bike shop (LBS) by buying quality products, properly assembled and supported, by folks who know and care.

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Great Gift Ideas #1

The Epic-ID USB Emergency ID for you or your favorite rider (or non-rider) is new to the market and we think it’s a great idea. In the unfortunate event that a someone’s identity, contact and medical information needs to be quickly accessed, EPIC-ID will provide it all and more. The beauty of the EPIC-ID is that this information is editable. No internet, bluetooth, subscriptions or batteries are required.

Easy for First Responders

EMTs, police, and fire fighters will be able to insert your EPIC-ID into their on-board computers and access important medical information without the need for a charged phone, passwords or a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof USB
  • Durable stainless steel clasp
  • PC/Mac™ compatible
  • No internet connection needed




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Finally, 16″ Winter tires!



Winter’s coming and roads are bound to get icy.

Just recently, Schwalbe introduced 16″ x 1.2 (ISO 349) studded tires.  72 carbide studs will maintain traction on icy patches and keep you moving along confidently.  Moderate tread will grip through the sloppy stuff.

These will keep your Brompton or other small wheeled bike sure-footed when the roads get slippery.


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Bikes on closeout

Shop Pan 2We’ve listed a number of bikes at discounted pricing here on our web site. The listings are for in-store pickup of in-stock bikes only. No shipping and no special orders at these prices.

Quite a few different brands are represented and the sale will continue until all are sold.

Check ‘em out!

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New bags from Brooks

Have you got a hankerin’ to add a little something special to your favorite machine? Looking for a great gift for that special rider in your life?


We have just received a shipment of seat mount bags from Brooks.  The new Isle of Wight bags are a perfect alternative to the cheesy nylon bags of yore.


Smartly tailored and beautifully made, they are available in three colors and three sizes.

isle_of_wight_large___dove_w375_h275_vamiddle_jc95 Spice up your ride and give it a little class!


Check ‘em out here.



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Personalize your Brompton.


Do we like Bromptons?   You bet we do!  So here’s another post about Brommies. . .

The ingenious design and construction of the Brompton bicycle is excellent.  This is part of what makes modifying and customizing them so intriguing.  Who wouldn’t want to personalize their Brommie?


There are modifications and upgrades that can make your Brompton special and different. The bike shown here sports Honjo fenders,  Nitto rear rack, Off Yer Bike handle, and upgraded  Schmidt eDelux II headlight.  It also has a few other changes sharp-eyed Brompton watchers will notice.

Brompton front Honjo

Brompton Nitto side

A number of third party vendors are popping up on the web with specialized products and options for standard Brompton bits.  If you are thinking of such things, be careful, as we’ve found that some of these do not work as advertised.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that making changes with non-Brompton parts will often void your warranty.  Swapping out the standard round grips for ergonomic ones may not be a problem in this regard, but don’t expect any support on a warranty claim for a bike with modifications such as those on the bike above.


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Brompton Rentals



Thinking of buying a Brompton? Visiting the greater Boston area? We are happy to announce that you can now rent Bromptons at the Harris Cyclery.  Rentals start at just $35 for a day or $125 for the week, helmet and lock included! We also rent Brompton carrying cases as well as the S-bag and C-bag. If you decide to buy your own Brompton within one week of your rental the cost (up to a week) will be applied to your purchase.

Call the shop or stop by for more details!

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