Brompton Demos on Sale

Our three Brompton demos our now available for purchase! These bikes have been lightly used throughout last season but are well maintained and have been thoroughly checked over.  All our demos are steel frames with silver fenders, EZ wheels and luggage carrier blocks already installed.  Bromptons hold their value very well over the years and are often sold used for almost as much as a new model.  These bikes are nicely discounted.

First up we have a very affordable S-bar 2 speed with standard kevlar tires. With some winter tires this model would be perfect for a year round commuter. The S-bar provides a sportier riding position.


Next we have a M-bar 6 speed Brompton with a Shimano dynamo hub. Update: This demo has been sold.M6L.ashx



And finally an awesome H-bar 6 speed with a Schmidt Son dynamo hub. Great for commuting at night or touring around the countryside. H6Ldemo.ashx


Last year our demos sold out quickly so don’t wait long! For pricing and more information call us at 617-244-1040, email or stop by the store today!

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  1. Tom says:

    This was a bit like a spot the difference competition. 🙂

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