Brompton Oratory Jackets: Last Few Remain!

If you have been eyeing the 2012 Brompton Oratory jacket, we still have a couple in stock. Our handsome mechanic Adam was obliging enough to model one of them.

From the Brompton website:

A relaxed light brown cord traditional style two-button jacket, the Oratory Jacket has been designed with a host of concealed features and is cleverly cut to ensure it is robust enough for both city commuting and all-day use.

It is made from Epic cotton, which provides total protection from the elements whilst also offering sufficient poise for more formal occasions.

Adam’s feedback: comfortable, soft and luxurious feel, extra length in the torso, extra long sleeves, stretchy relaxed fit, roomy pockets. The hidden features are pretty interesting!

Watch this video to hear about all the features from head of design, Will Carleysmith.

The Brompton Oratory jacket will delight the gentleman cyclist. Get yours before they are gone!

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6 Responses to Brompton Oratory Jackets: Last Few Remain!

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  2. SYlv says:

    where can i buy one of these?! Size M probably

    • Elton says:

      Sorry, can’t help with a medium, our last remaining one is a size Small.

      • ObiJohnKenobe says:

        I’ve got a brand-new, unworn medium I picked up from Harris… the last one they had… but it’s a hair too small for me. It’s a really neat jacket and I may stop by the new Brompton Store in London when I’m over in the UK in a few weeks to see if they have one and if it will fit me.

        Check the Brompton website for sizing information (, but if you can fit it I’ll sell it to you for the retail price plus shipping ($10), and I’ll take PayPal. I have the factory/Harris packaging also, and I’ll ship it to you in that. Contact me at my eponymous gmail account (add ‘’ to my name, above), if you’re interested.

      • Brian Sorensen says:

        Have you sold the last jacket?

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