Commute Year Round, Safe and Warm

Yesterday we saw Boston’s first snow event of the season. And it sure was a messy one.

Boston Street

It may have only been a few inches of snow, but at 6am the roads were still pretty slippery. The plow trucks hadn’t been out and the roads were unsalted. I set out to get in a few extra miles of snow biking before work and found myself sliding all over the place!

Giant @ the Charles

By the time I was headed into the shop the snow had turned to rain. Cars were throwing huge tidal waves of water at me. Slippery manhole covers lurked at every turn in the road. Luckily I had all the gear I needed to keep me warm and dry. I was layered up with water proof Pearl Izumi shoe covers, rain pants over my thermal tights, a hi-viz winter riding jacket, balaclava and waterproof rain cap. It made all the difference. What would have otherwise been a miserable 5 miles instead became an adventure.

The ride home was equally enjoyable. After the sunset, temperatures dropped and all the slush turned to a solid block of ice. I decided to upgrade my Giant TCX’s tires to Schwalbe Winter Marathons 700x40s.Giant w/ studded tires

Personally, I love cyclocross bikes for commuting. The TCX in particular is great with its wide tire clearance and powerful disc brakes.  If I wanted to I could outfit it with full fenders.  We’ve got a lot of great CX bikes available now at the Harris Cyclery. If you’re looking for something even beefier check out the Surly Krampus!

FullSizeRender(2)A bike like the Krampus is made to roll over anything! Surly also makes a number of fat tire bikes, which are a growing trend in the industry. Not only are they fun to ride but they will keep you safe and comfortable in the roughest of riding conditions.

Lastly I’ll talk about lights. Not only are bicycle lights essential for commuting safely this time of year, it is also the law! At the Harris Cyclery we’ve got a great selection of USB rechargeable lights from Blackburn, Cateye and NiteRider.  We also stock a superb variety from Busch&Muller that are both battery or dynamo powered.

Come by the shop today! We’ve got everything you’ll need to keep you riding safe and warm throughout the winter!


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