Exciting new dynamo lights for fall!

Lighting season has arrived and there are some exciting new lights in stock.  Our favorite lights for winter riding are dynamo powered.  Busch + Müller has a new CYO Premium series with a brighter and broader beam than the previous models.  The first of them, the IQ CYO Premium T Senso Plus, arrived this morning.  In addition to upgraded optics, the new light has an improved 2-positon Off/Senso switch.  When off, it’s off.  In Senso mode during daylight, the LED running lights are on.  In Senso mode at night, the daytime LED’s dim and the main light illuminates the road.  Near field illumination is much improved over the previous model as well.

Busch + Müller CYO Premium T Senso Plus

Busch + Müller CYO Premium T Senso Plus

An upgraded eDelux with the same new LED and reflector is expected around the end of the month.  It will be available in polished silver, black anodized, and a new silver anodized finish.  We’ve been told that, contrary to earlier information, an upgraded upside-down model is in the works as well.  We’ll keep you posted as we know more.

Our remaining stock original of CYO lights is on sale at closeout prices while they last.  An already fine light has been improved, and it’s a good time to save a few bucks on one of the originals.

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