Personalize your Brompton.


Do we like Bromptons?   You bet we do!  So here’s another post about Brommies. . .

The ingenious design and construction of the Brompton bicycle is excellent.  This is part of what makes modifying and customizing them so intriguing.  Who wouldn’t want to personalize their Brommie?


There are modifications and upgrades that can make your Brompton special and different. The bike shown here sports Honjo fenders,  Nitto rear rack, Off Yer Bike handle, and upgraded  Schmidt eDelux II headlight.  It also has a few other changes sharp-eyed Brompton watchers will notice.

Brompton front Honjo

Brompton Nitto side

A number of third party vendors are popping up on the web with specialized products and options for standard Brompton bits.  If you are thinking of such things, be careful, as we’ve found that some of these do not work as advertised.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that making changes with non-Brompton parts will often void your warranty.  Swapping out the standard round grips for ergonomic ones may not be a problem in this regard, but don’t expect any support on a warranty claim for a bike with modifications such as those on the bike above.


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