Rivet Saddles

IMG_0609We are thrilled to have just received our first shipment of Rivet Saddles! These superb hand-crafted saddles offer excellent support and comfort whether you are riding around town or doing a 750 mile brevet.

I/Elton have been putting miles on a cro-moly Pearl for a couple of weeks now and am lovin’ it.  My preferred saddles have always been leather and the Rivet is right at the top of my favorites list.  It’s been comfortable from the get-go and just keeps getting better.  I’m looking forward to riding next year’s brevets on it!

Currently in-stock we have both the Independence and the Pearl saddles with cro-moly rails in either black or chestnut. These are priced at $200 and $150 respectively.

All the saddles come with Rivet Cycle Works’ 1-year “Mad Cow Guarantee” and are already water-proofed.

Check out this review from Lovely Bicycle!

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