The Bella Ciao Superba has arrived!

Bella Ciao Superba

The long awaited Bella Ciao Superba Lovely Bike Edition has arrived.  And we are thrilled with the result!

Velouria, of the Lovely Bike! Blog did a wonderful job of selecting the build parts and color.  The minty green paint it fabulous and the bike is great fun to ride.

Bella Ciao Superba

One thing we noticed when we were building up the first one was the quality of the construction and finish.  It is truly a Lovely Bike!

The first shipment of 12 is just about sold out, as of today, 10/20/2011.  The cost is $1490.  A $300 deposit to secure one can be placed through this link.

We have a bike in the store for test riding and I’m happy to answer questions in person or via email.

Bella Ciao Superba behind Harris

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