The Brompton Demonstrator

Have you tried our new Brompton Demonstrator? We are very excited to have this bicycle in the shop.

A special Brompton demo bike for dealers, it has a very light lilac-gray frame with orange decals.

Ever wondered what a Brompton with titanium extremities feels like to lift and ride? The demonstrator’s got them!

Also, the new H handlebars and a 6-speed drivetrain (a combination of derailleur and internally geared hub).

Of course, we will be more than happy to use the Demonstrator to demonstrate the Brompton fold. Takes just a few seconds once you get the hang of it, we promise!

We have been a Brompton dealer for a while, and have yet to get over the honeymoon period with these wonderful bikes. Many of our staff have them. We love them! Come and try the Demonstrator and find out why.

Lots of Brompton bags to try in the shop, too.

Update 6/6/14: This bike has been sold, but we have a new 2014 model on-hand for test rides.

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