The elusive pre-owned Brompton WAS at Harris!

isP6L used side

Pre-owned Bromptons are about as common as snow balls in July (even after the seemingly-endless Boston winter of 2015).  Miraculously, we have had two in-house, and they quickly went to good homes!

They have standard 6-speed gearing for any terrain, fenders, rear rack, front luggage carrier block, Eazy wheels,  frame-mounted pump and cushy aftermarket saddles.  A standard issue Brompton saddle can be substituted at no extra cost. The bike above is an M6R.

P6L used side

This is a P6R.  Both bikes have similar builds with the exception of the bars.

M6L used back

M6L used front

These bikes are pristine. Somebody saved a bundle on a barely-used used Brommie!

Keep an eye on our blog.  We’ll post more Brompton news as it happens!

Email Elton for further information or to arrange a purchase of a new Brompton from stock or by special order.


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